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Read to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction  
Read to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction
For School and Home (Reproducible)

The stories from the Read To Remember Math Facts books (Addition/Subtraction) and (Multiplication/Division) are centered around the interaction of numbers with distinct characterizations.

In Addition/Subtraction book, numbers 0 through 18 have separate names and personalities. Predictable stories help students develop logical conclusions which prompt the memorization of the math fact once characterizations are removed.

Only the numbers 2 through 9 have been characterized for the Multiplication/Division stories. The product of two factors is represented by a play on words. For example, Fine Nine tells Octa Eight, the life guard, to "Save Him Too" The words "Save Him Too" sounds similar to the number 72. So when the student/child sees 9x8, the child associates the interaction to a predictable story that can be visualized. Recall of the desired answer is prompted quickly and accurately.
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