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Draw to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction  
Draw to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction
For School and Home (Reproducible)

Global Students (also referred to as right-brain dominant) thrive on visuals that support spatial strengths and address the multi-sensory aspect of learning. Draw To Remember Math Facts includes language development stories that allow the student to mark meaning to the language through creative drawing.

Suggestions for Instruction:

Teach the corresponding reading and drawing lesson when introducing the characters in the book, Read to Remember Math Facts.

Teach by letting the student draw his/her own interpretation of each character using the corresponding border paper in this book.

Teach the stories in the book, Read To Remember Math Facts by groups with the same sum or factor. Then follow up with the corresponding read and draw sheets.

Teach by letting the student (who has difficulty drawing) color, cut and paste characters on the corresponding border paper.

Use the pencil toppers, awards and flash cards at the back of the book to motivate and reward.
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