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Race to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction  
Race to Remember Math Facts - Addition / Subtraction
For School and Home (Reproducible)

Midget Digit Race Books are designed to insure success for all students. Quick recall of math facts under pressure is sometimes very difficult for students, especially those students Suggestions for the Races:

Make at least 2 copes of each race for each student. Repeat one race directly after the other. Allow the student to set improvement goals. Goals can be set by using a quicker completion time or by missing fewer problems.

Emphasize to the students the Importance of improvement. De-emphasize competition and comparison with others. "Race against yourself to improve yourself!"

Use the Race To Remember Math Facts in correlation to the storybook, Read To Remember Math Facts. When a series of stories are covered, use the corresponding races.

Various races may be selected from the following formats:
Vertical multiplication problems concentrating on two products, Vertical multiplication problems with one common factor, Multiple choice multiplication problems with one common factor, Multiplication wheel with two common factors per page, Division problems concentrating on two dividends, Division problems with common midget digit character as the divisor, Multiple choice division problems with one common divisor, Division wheel with two common dividends per page, Fact families (multiplication and division together).

Use inspirational quotes, award certificates, "Wheels of Facts," and "Desk Mates" as motivational aids.
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